We blend our knowledge of diverse business domains and deep expertise in Data Management, AI/ML and Advanced Analytics to solve complex business problems

At Amnet Digital, we adopt a bottom up approach starting with strategy support through discovery and analysis of existing systems, processes and their limitations. Identify opportunities through design of data lakes and performing analysis, develop models and propose the solution engineering. Such an approach maximizes the leverage of knowledge and results in higher value generation.
Alongside, we blend our knowledge of diverse business domains and deep expertise in AI/ML and Advanced Analytics to solve complex business problems.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We maintain a data-driven mindset all throughout the engagement, whether it is during strategy support phase or model development phase, and focus on utilization of big data and machine learning by empowered business users.

We have capability to help evolve solutions that start as process automation to cognitive insight and finally cognitive engagement when systems work autonomously.

Data Engineering

Recent advancements in processing power, combined with dramatic data growth have made unprecedented thinking power a reality. Algorithms give us the ability to manipulate really large data sets and develop solutions for large scale data processing.

Amnet Digital takes a business focused approach to data engineering to align analytics and technology. By leveraging modern techniques like fast cluster computing you can maximize the value of your data assets . Create foundation of data and transform extracted knowledge into insights for more informed and timely business decisions.

Cloud Services

We adopt a structured approach that offers the flexibility needed to unify your systems within an optimized environment that prioritizes the performance you want , yet at the lowest cost.

Applying our deep technical expertise in designing work-centric architectures to fulfill the needs of your business stakeholders, we will design, implement and manage your cloud deployment to provide a highly available service.

Advanced Analytics

Our proven experience in delivering analytics solutions to enterprises can help your business gain a competitive advantage. 

Advanced analytics use data engineering and AI to get the most out of your data, whether to identify an anomaly in your data that can cause loss or to anticipate an adverse event. Amnet can contribute in a crucial role to formulate the ways to improve business operations and make smart business decisions that result in competitive advantage.


We bring a dimension of technology that complements very well with your internal operations. We have got your back with our expertise in technology, domain and the nuances of managing an eCommerce business. Our economic consulting team will enable you to transform great digital experiences into tangible revenues.

Platform Engineering

Amnet Digital offers a palette of platform engineering services at all scale – small to enterprise level entities – and prepare them to leverage the digital opportunity.

We are a proven provider of platform engineering services specializing in the design and development of digital experiences. Our expert teams blend the latest in technology, development methods and tools to deliver bespoke solutions that fit perfectly into your business and elevate your brand’s engagement with your customers. Platform engineering solutions from Amnet Digital are meant to enable organizations to create and launch their own custom and personalized digital experiences for their users – customers or employees.

Our teams bring deep experience across a variety of technologies, systems, platforms and applications as well as working across multiple industry verticals, that ensures that no matter the need, we can provide a solution to accommodate. Our integration expertise ensures that the solutions we design integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Data Management

Competitive advantages are built from the efficient management, orchestration, and availability of accurate business-critical data, as well as processes which effectively leverage data. Amnet’s Data Management Services help you to enhance the quality of your master data. Whether data quality analytics, validation, duplication or verification, 

Our data management services span a wide range of business capabilities around data quality management. We help businesses create robust data management solutions that capture the most critical information within your organization – master data – and create a single source of truth.

We adopt simplified yet scalable approaches to manage your organisation’s critical data. In a silo, information is inefficiently replicated across redundant storage types and locations with little or no central control or visibility, hurting the competitive edge of your business. 

Whether it is data governance, data quality, master data management or migration, Amnet Digital can assist you with the best quality of resources and services to help automate, and design the analytics that will help you track your data all the time.

Strategy Support

The era of the standalone digital project is over. Amnet Digital can help you create solutions that influence your whole organization.

Planning for the future of your organization is the single most important activity of leadership at any enterprise. The continuing success of an organization requires strategic consideration of its future, critical review of its current operations, and careful planning to build on its present and make the most of its opportunities. 

Digital powers virtually every move a company makes. Analytics informs every high-stakes decision. And emerging technologies offer huge advantage to companies that adopt them first. 

We help you bring all this together, infusing every project with a set of digital capabilities that focus on fulfilling your strategy. We combine our diverse expertise in in data science, automation, digital experiences, enterprise technology and related disciplines, to help you take a digital-first approach to every engagement. 

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