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Amnet Digital is enabling enterprises reimagine and redefine their engagement with employees, customers, partners and suppliers by providing intelligent insights and continuous value…

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"AI-Enabled tools will generate $2.9 trillion in business value by 2021"

Solutions Delivered

AI-Enabled Products, Solutions & Services

Amnet Digital is your innovation catalyst. We develop solutions that enable you to realize the true potential of AI. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services – innovation lab, consulting, research & execution, to deliver the solutions that matter to you and your customers.

  User-centered and research backed design

✔  Advanced Automation & Artificial Intelligence techniques

✔  Robust & Scalable Architecture and Infrastructure design

✔  Advanced Analytics, Data Engineering and Visualization practices

End-to-end Solutions

360 degree coverage of services and solutions from assessment to managed services with complete automation

24/7 Support

Much like most AI tools, our 24*7 support ensures applications are always available to your customers

Technology Agnostic

Focus on the bigger picture strategy and be as tech-forward or backward-compatible as needed to develop solutions based on your priorities

Smart Innovations

We align our products and services with the requirements of the market and customers, we develop smart innovations for digital transformation

Our Services

AI/ML Services

Take advantage of the data-driven mindset that leverages cutting-edge technology to develop world class solutions

Data Engineering

Maximize the value of your data assets by leveraging modern approaches to make extraction of data insights a daily business process

Advanced Analytics

Uncover complex patterns in your data to anticipate and prepare your business for the next business opportunity

Cloud Services

Discover the most efficient way to deliver highly available services that can scale with your busniness growth and keep you ahead of competition


Quality products are the starting point for digital consumers. Offer consistent, fulfilling & differentiated shopping experience to bring them back

Product Dev

Deliver a complete digital experience like a glue binding together all the touch points creating omnichannel experiences using best practices

Engineering Services

Create strategic digital platform solutions that enable your business to go ahead of competition in the digital landscape. Client-focused, easy-to-consume technology solutions lead to tangible business results

Data Management

Ensuring available, accurate, and accessible data. Transformation needs to take place in the way businesses consume data protection, and cloud needs to be at the center of that evolution

Strategy Support

Propel innovation and accelerate transformation by ensuring that the right digital capabilities are at the heart of everything you do. Make sure every initiative you invest in pervades across the organization

Some of our Happy Clients!

Problems Addressed

Propensity Modelling

Targeted marketing campaigns based on insights provided by propensity models for a large eCommerce client. Improved campaign effectiveness

Customer Profile

Crafted 360 degree view of customer information, actionable insights and recommendations to sales & marketing teams for a major retail client

Seller Effectiveness

Created a user friendly AI monitory system using NLP & text mining techniques to gain insights into the effective processes being used by top performers in the sales team

Recommendation Systems

Customized recommendation engine for a largest re-seller. Complex system with multiple machine learning models for predicting customer preferences

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